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Suffering a work injury can affect all aspects of your life. It can threaten your financial stability and inhibit you from doing the things you enjoy. Truck drivers face unique challenges on the job, and they have rights when they suffer injuries. Learn about your rights in North Carolina and get started obtaining the compensation you need.
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  • Spinal Injuries and Your Rights in North Carolina Under North Carolina's Workers' Compensation Act, you do not need a full-blown "injury by accident" in order to have a compensable, or covered, injury to your spine. If you have a "specific traumatic incident" that injures your spine, that can be covered under our workers' compensation law.
  • What is the Industrial Commission? The North Carolina Industrial Commission has "exclusive subject matter jurisdiction" over the "North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act." In layman terms, that means that the Industrial Commission is the court system that has jurisdiction over any case that an injured worker might bring under the workers' compensation laws in this state.