Form 18- The Required Claim Form in North Carolina

The Industrial Commission Form 18 must be filed to start your claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.   Filing this form starts the ball rolling on your case, and it is necessary if you ever need to enforce your rights under the Workers' Compensation Act.    It also provides an easy way for you to give written notice of your injury to your employer, which the law requires you to do within the first 30 days after your accident.    However, there is one caution-- Not all on the job injuries are covered under workers' compensation in North Carolina.  For most injuries, you need to be "injured by accident."   This means that you need to put the relevant details in your Form 18 before you file it with the Commission!  

If you hire us to represent you, we will fill out the Form 18 and file it for you.   But if you are not ready to hire a lawyer yet, we will help you anyway.   I will review your Form 18 at no charge, and tell you whether anything needs to be corrected or explained, before you file it with the Commission and send it to your employer.   To take advantage of this offer, here is what you do: 

Go to the "Form 18 - Claim Form" link below, and download the form onto your computer or device.  Fill it out to the best of your ability.  Then, save it on your computer, and email it directly to me for my review.  My email address is  [email protected] and your email comes straight into my inbox.   I check my emails several times a day.   

I will review your filled-out Form 18 and email you back with advice as to changes or additions that will help you to file the best possible claim form.   This service is entirely free and there is no obligation on your part.  After the Form 18 is ready to file, you will need to send it to the Industrial Commission at the email address on the bottom of the form, [email protected]     You will want to keep a copy for your own files, and send a copy to your employer as well.   Keep everything and document everything with emails or texts.   

Bob Bollinger 

Form 18- Claim Form