Avoid Runaway Legal Fees! We now offer "Fixed Fee" services on child support disputes!

We are pleased to announce that our newest lawyer, Nick Stark, will be handling Child Support matters on a "fixed fee" basis.   That means you will not get a nasty surprise legal bill that was a lot larger than you were expecting!  Here is how it works:  

Nick will give you a consultation, either over the phone or in person at the office.   During this consultation, Nick will determine what the problem is and how best to solve it.  He will then outline the scope of the legal work needed and quote you a fixed fee, or flat fee, to cover all the legal work that needs to be done to address your child support problem.  Nick will put all of this in writing for you as well.   In order to hire Nick, you would pay the fixed fee, either by check, debit card, cash, or credit card.  Nick would then begin the work and you would not get another legal fee bill for the scope of the work outlined by Nick.     

The "scope of the work" would cover the legal services needed to address your problem.   For instance, it may be negotiating and drafting a child support agreement, or it may be filing a lawsuit and going to court to obtain an initial child support order from the Court.  Or it could be a Motion and court hearing to obtain a modification of child support in your existing case, due to a change in income or circumstances.  Lawyers cannot promise a particular result, but Nick should be able to promise a particular outcome--that is, "We will get you a child support order" or "We will get the child support modified."   

The great thing about doing this on a "fixed fee" or "flat fee" basis is that you are not risking a much larger attorney fee bill at the end of the matter, than what you were expecting.  Many attorneys charge "by the hour" for these services, and the bill can just get larger and larger because the attorney has no incentive to be efficient with your money.   So we will solve that potential problem for you with the fixed fee arrangement!  The risk is on us, NOT you!  

Now, please understand-- there are some case expenses that are in addition to the fixed legal fee.   These expenses are the filing fees charged by the Clerk of Court, and the service of process fees charged by the Sheriff.   There may be some other small expenses, but Nick will discuss those with you before incurring them on your behalf.

If you have some kind of child support problem, please give attorney Nick Stark a call at 704-377-7677 or send him an email through our web site contact form here.   Nick will be happy to talk to you and see if he can help you for a legal fee that you can manage!        

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