Fixed-Fee Family Law Services

Attorney Nick Stark of the Bollinger Law Firm PC is taking new clients for child support disputes.   Nick is going to offer these clients a flat fee or fixed fee so that they will not receive a surprise legal bill at the end of the case!   Most family law attorneys charge by the hour, and sometimes your bill just keeps growing and growing.   But our plan is different--  A fixed fee, or what we lawyers call a "flat fee," is a set amount that you pay at the beginning of the case, and then the lawyer handles all of the legal work needed to get you a particular outcome, without charging you any additional legal fees.   The outcome might be "Get me a Court Order setting child support for my two kids."    For that work, Nick will charge a set fee, and that is all.   You, the client, will also owe the case expenses and the court costs.  The court costs typically include the filing fees and cost of getting the Sheriff to serve the papers on the opposing party, but those costs are known ahead of time and very predictable.   In rare cases there may be the need to hire an expert witness, such as an accountant, and those expenses are "case expenses" in addition to the flat fee paid to the firm as attorney's fees.   

For more information, contact Nick Stark here at the Bollinger Law Firm.   You can reach Nick by way of the email contact form on each page of the site, or by calling our main number, 704-377-7677.   We look forward to helping you with your child support issues, in a very affordable way!